Monday, May 31, 2010

popcorn and potluck

Hi - I am at 196lbs. For our W.O.W. celebration I had lost 38lbs since Jan 9th. 22 on my own, 17 since surgery. It was so special to being escorted down the runway and show off the new me. I wore the expensive dress I bought for Tonya's wedding and it was too big. Yippee. The dinner was a potluck, most folks brought vegie dishes or fruit. One lady brought stir fry rice, but I can't have rice for a year. I guess we don't chew it small enough. I made spaghetti with turkey Italian sausage. It was actually a hit. I was surprised and relieved. I had some even though I can't have noodles for 2 more weeks. I just had to try it out. Yummy. I am going to use turkey more often in things, well since I can't have red meat, this works.
I dished up my plate with a little of this and that. then I cut up everything really small, made my plate look fuller. I visited and ate over the next 40 min and did quite well, no stomach pains even.

Then today we went to the movies, I just couldn't resist the popcorn, oh my goodness it was so good! I just ate one piece at a time every few minutes over almost 3hrs. no problems with overeating. Now the reason why I single out popcorn is I am not approved yet. I hope it will be approved on June 9th my 6 weeks. We will see if there is any problems.

OOh taters! I made homemade taters the other day, I thought it was to die for - so good!

I feel good about my surgery decision. It was nice to eat out and not have to worry that people were looking at my small amount.
I am struggling with getting my calcium in and my 80gms of protein in each day. And I have been drinking lots of water but probably not 64oz.

everyday is a new day.

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