Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 19th 2011 98lbs lost

Hello friends and family;
Im sorry I have not been keeping up on this blog. Often I think I will update it and then something comes up. As you can see I have lost 98 pounds since April. I wear size 10 pants and skirt and a medium or large top. Verry exciting. Of course the major draw back to this surgery for me is that I am ok to eat sugar. A serious problem! It should make me sick, like other gastric surgery patients. It doesn't. Of course I can still eat only a little bit, like 1/2 to 3/4 cup at a time, but really that is a lot! I weigh 138 now. Im sure I would be less it I didn't eat so much sugar, of course it was the holidays. I am going to try to empty the house again. And I am so rotten, I have not been going to the gym! Im just a bad example for this surgery! My under arms are getting so flabby. And my tummy skin is really starting to hang. I am tending a two year old all day and have 3 foster kids at night now, so it is hard to find a time to exercise. Funny so many of my friends have the same frustration. I could get up earlier, i will attempt this in the coming weeks. I do get plenty of water in, take one protein drink a day, should be two though. Need to do better on my vitamins, they now come in a powder that you mix with your bottle, it tastes like rasberry lemonade. I think I am eating just a bit too much, I must go back to measuring. Im being honest here so people know that I am a real person who is trying to do better. We have found that financially I will be able to do the tummy tuck. Oh yes all of my blood work came out good, I was very concerned because I miss the second protein drink and vitamins often. If you do the gastric sleeve I highly recommend it, just don't follow my example, you will do much better. hope I improve.