Thursday, October 13, 2016

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 19th 2011 98lbs lost

Hello friends and family;
Im sorry I have not been keeping up on this blog. Often I think I will update it and then something comes up. As you can see I have lost 98 pounds since April. I wear size 10 pants and skirt and a medium or large top. Verry exciting. Of course the major draw back to this surgery for me is that I am ok to eat sugar. A serious problem! It should make me sick, like other gastric surgery patients. It doesn't. Of course I can still eat only a little bit, like 1/2 to 3/4 cup at a time, but really that is a lot! I weigh 138 now. Im sure I would be less it I didn't eat so much sugar, of course it was the holidays. I am going to try to empty the house again. And I am so rotten, I have not been going to the gym! Im just a bad example for this surgery! My under arms are getting so flabby. And my tummy skin is really starting to hang. I am tending a two year old all day and have 3 foster kids at night now, so it is hard to find a time to exercise. Funny so many of my friends have the same frustration. I could get up earlier, i will attempt this in the coming weeks. I do get plenty of water in, take one protein drink a day, should be two though. Need to do better on my vitamins, they now come in a powder that you mix with your bottle, it tastes like rasberry lemonade. I think I am eating just a bit too much, I must go back to measuring. Im being honest here so people know that I am a real person who is trying to do better. We have found that financially I will be able to do the tummy tuck. Oh yes all of my blood work came out good, I was very concerned because I miss the second protein drink and vitamins often. If you do the gastric sleeve I highly recommend it, just don't follow my example, you will do much better. hope I improve.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sep 18 2010 Were Am I Now

I have finally made it to 164.4 pounds. I hit 70 lbs lost at 166. Very exciting. The only thing is I sat at 166 for more than a week. My regular doctor thinks 70lbs is the average one looses with the gastric sleeve surgery. I hope not. I think I would like to loose another 15-20lbs. I still have a tummy. I have started excising again, walking and callenetics, this should help a lot.

I'm still happy I had the surgery. It has helped a lot with my fybromyalgia and arthritis. Paul said we should be saving for a "tummy tuck." I saw a quote and it was over $4,000. I also saw the Care Credit covers it. That is a credit card that covers dental, vision, pets and other medical costs.

That is all for now, hope I keep up the exercise.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

been a long month - and im NOT loosing!`

i have been at 175lbs for over a week! in fact yesterday I went up to 176.2 and today I am 176.4! talk about frustrating! I think the problem is with my bowels. They told me that i would have constipation problems with the surgery. But I also take methadone for my face pain, which causes the same problem. So i take stool softeners every couple days (should remember to do them daily) Sorry for being so personal but I am writing this blog to help inform others who want to do the surgery. Better they know all I guess. Anyway, I finally "went" yesterday, several times and even some diarrhea. And what happened? I gained!! I will give it a few more days then call the doctor. I will try hard to take the stool softeners daily too. If I have to I will start drinking parlsey tea like my family is that is a diaretic, they have lost a lot of weight. It helps the bowels too.

we will see - sorry for being so personal

just think happy thoughts and forget about what you just read LOL

Friday, July 2, 2010

Vacation and tummy surgery

Well I went on my 10 day vacation. And experiment I did! I can eat sugar without getting sick. I thought I could only eat 4grms of sugar. Of course the whole point is to loose weight so I need to make it once in a special while. Like last night, we went out for dessert and I had hot chocolate and carrot cake, I ate 5 bites. I have also had a DQ ice cream cone, a whole SKOR candy bar and trifle, just a bit. It is recommended that I not eat red meat. Well I had a small carnitas taco and was ok BUT I shared a pork,egg and potato burrito and boy was I sick and in pain. I can still do popcorn in slow bites but I am not going near corn, lettuce or rice the other no-nos.
My biggest problem during the trip was protein drinks, and I will admit here (but not to my mother) that I have not had one in over a week. I tried, I really did. But first, they changed the taste of the chocolate mix. ewe too chocolaty I have to use less powder (which means another drink, drag) Then I made them in the morning at the hotel, but the plastic mixer cup rode in the car all day. Two of them are ruined with nasty stink (anyone know how to get odors out of plastic) they are $9 each! So I just got in the habit of breaking my habit. I must get 80grams of protein a day, one normal drink is 27grms. I should be drinking two normal a day. I hope I don't have to do blood work for a while. I found a third mixer in my room when I got home, I emptied it today (had about an inch of dead drink) I won't even describe the horror of the smell and the dishwasher didn't save the three of them!
Another problem I have been having is eating too fast. I was an Olympic champ in this category prior to surgery. When I eat to fast I have terrible tummy pains and nausea. The night we got home I had two meals in a row inhaled, thus sick for 6 hrs. I have a stopwatch on my phone, maybe I should time between my bites.
The other painful moments (or hour) is when I am hungry, which happens every 2 hours. Probably would be better if I was drinking my protein! But I haven't been so tummy aches until I get those two or three bites. Not a good idea when traveling through Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and S. Texas - way too much bare land for hours between food stops. Next time I will pack granola bars not just licorice and I will do my protein drinks for sure once and hopefully twice a day. Now I need to go make one. Just had Nalley's chili we brought from Utah - yum - and this time I ate slow hehehe

Monday, June 14, 2010

6 weeks and still going

I hit my 6 weeks the other day and was rewarded with real food! Oh how I missed some of it. The things I still can't eat are rice, lettuce, and corn. I shouldn't eat fried foods either or red meats, and refined sugar. I snuck a little chocolate treasure yesterday and didn't get "dumping syndrome" That is were sugar makes you very ill, instant cramping and flu-like symptons. Paul said it is because I can have 4grams of sugar. I enjoy "no sugar added" ice cream and sugar free pudding for my desserts.
I have been to a couple of restauraunts and to fast food. I got a grilled chicken sandwich at McDonald's and just ate 1/2 the meat, and a little bread. I have been to mexican and had my green chicken enchiladas and they lasted 4 meals, ooh they were so good. I am making turkey stroganoff this week so I can eat it too, I will let you know what the boys think of it.
I am at 192lbs, one side effect is constipation and this week the scale shows it.
I am still going to our W.O.W ladies weight loss group at the church, and I love it. It is so nice to have support during this process. Oh and my size 16 pants I got into (from 20) are getting loose! I am leaving on a 10 day vacation this week. A week at Fish Lake Utah for Paul's family reunion then 3 days in Vegas with Paul (meaning buffet). I am a bit nervous about eating around his family but I just have to get over it. Well that's all I have, enjoy your summer