Wednesday, August 4, 2010

been a long month - and im NOT loosing!`

i have been at 175lbs for over a week! in fact yesterday I went up to 176.2 and today I am 176.4! talk about frustrating! I think the problem is with my bowels. They told me that i would have constipation problems with the surgery. But I also take methadone for my face pain, which causes the same problem. So i take stool softeners every couple days (should remember to do them daily) Sorry for being so personal but I am writing this blog to help inform others who want to do the surgery. Better they know all I guess. Anyway, I finally "went" yesterday, several times and even some diarrhea. And what happened? I gained!! I will give it a few more days then call the doctor. I will try hard to take the stool softeners daily too. If I have to I will start drinking parlsey tea like my family is that is a diaretic, they have lost a lot of weight. It helps the bowels too.

we will see - sorry for being so personal

just think happy thoughts and forget about what you just read LOL