Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my body

I have what some refer to is atypical trigeminal neuralgia, or myofacial pain. I have had it for 10 years. It rules me. What it is, the trigeminal nerve sits at the back of your neck. It has 3 legs of nerves per each side of the face. Then the 3 legs divide out into every spot on your face and head. So when I sneeze, cough, laugh, bend forward etc they scream. When it is too cold, windy or too hot they scream. having my hair on my face or a zit, they scream. Get the idea. I have taken so much medicines and seen so many doctors i can't count them anymore. I have even flown to The Cleveland Clinic, but their procedures didn't work. I am currently on Methadone which seems to help.
I can't work in the yard, do much housework. Sometimes i can't drive because I get use to the medicine and plateau, then it hurts too much to drive and it is not safe. Then several friends from the church are kind enough to drive for me. I never know when the pain is too much. Many nights I lie down to bed and pow, i realize my face has been hurting, i am just so use to it that it is not until it is quiet that i really get hit with it - then try to sleep - yeah right.
My husband and son have been life savers, they have had to put up with this for all these years. They have to pick up the housework slack. Many times we can't go somewhere because of my face. Or I am in laying down and can't be with them. My son missed out on a lot of summer fun growing up because it was too hot for me to take him places. At one point i was on so much morphine, soma and neurontin (5400mg) that i just sat and drooled in a chair. i finally told them noway would i allow them to drug me so much, i would rather hurt.
It works out nice that we live in Texas now, there is AC in all the house and everywhere we go. In WA we just had a little AC unit in our bedroom and that is where i hid.
I think Heavenly Father gave me this challenge, I am not saying I am grateful for the pain, but I am grateful that the Lord believed in me, that He knew I can handle it. Like so many others who suffer far more than I do. We are blessed in mysteriuos ways.

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