Saturday, May 22, 2010

3 weeks

Well, I made it the 3 weeks of liquids. Didn't think I could, in fact I cheated there the last day, I had mashed potatoes. I knew I would be approved in a few short hours and I was out of homemade chicken broth. oh well. Now I can eat mushy stuff. egg, mashed taters, steamed vegies, tuna, salmon, moist foods, I am loving it. Food never tasted so good. Scott was in the mood for egg salad so I got some of that first, not the bread though. Bread is still too dry. Then I had some of Paul's left over Mexican - some refried beans and a few pieces of chicken from an enchilada. oh it was good. But the best is sugar free Boston cream pie pudding! yummers. It is funny to hear my tummy gurgle. So I am on these foods for 3 more weeks then I go to another level of food. Trying to heal that tummy. can't have lettuce or rice for 3 months.

I am at 200lbs, very exciting. Lost 14lbs in 3 weeks,this is good but I can't wait until I hit 199Lbs. I was like 165 4 yrs ago when we moved here. I looked pretty good, size 14-16. I had a whole new wardrobe. Then life and meds happened. So this time it will stay off.

Oh - the girls at the doctors office said the protein drinks would get thick after surgery because it takes so long. Not. It doesn't take that long to finish one. I like mine with just very cold water. The protein drink gets thick when it is made with milk or when it is with water but put in the fridge. I use Baraitric Advantage. I hear there are others out there. so far the chocolate is pretty good. But payday I am going to try a single shot of Oh Yeah, they have cookies and cream hhmm.

I am still happy I did the surgery and I get support from some folks. but I do find it embarrassing to share it with new folks or people on Facebook who don't really know the real me or the reasons. One person said "why don't you just eat right and exercise" well I did do that and I lost too, but this is rapid and stays off, my health needs it. Plus I already had the surgery so I really need to say "who cares what others think" .
The weight isn't flying off either, not like I thought, I mean I only lost 2lbs this week. That is what I was doing before surgery. We will see what happens this next week of eating food.
I have found that some of my clothes are hanging on me, this is fun. Others seem like the same.
Well I will let you know later how I am doing and thanks for your support

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