Monday, May 10, 2010

My new journey

I had a gastric sleeve bariatric surgery 12 days ago. I chose this because of my health. I have severe sleep apnea but my face pain (another topic) will not allow me to wear the cpap machine mask. My mouth is actually too small for mouth guards or surgery, leaving weight loss my only option. My arthritis and fybromyalgia rule me at times. I have tried to keep them at bay with regular exercise but they still flare up. My bone denstity is very low in my spine.

I was loosing weight on my own for a couple months. I lost 16lbs, from 236lbs starting. I was watching everything I ate, only having sweets once a week. And exercising like crazy. I mean physical therapy 3x a week, Callenetics (like pilates) 3x week then the gym 3-4x a week. I love working out now, can't wait til i am released from post-op.

I am on a 3 week liquid diet, sugar free popsicles, sf jello, chicken broth (i hate beef and vegie) and two -three protien drinks daily, actually 80 grams. each drink is 27 grams. Plus 64 oz of water, chewable multi-vitamins and chewable calcium that kinda tastes like starburst.

My problem is I only get 1-2 protien drink a day, I forget my chewables, and I don't get my 64oz water in either. It is really hard to remember to drink all the time.

I am so bored with the liquid diet. I want to taste something different. There are several ways to get my chicken broth, just the straight broth from the can, bouillion, homemade soup or drain various soups. I am atempting homemade.

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