Monday, June 14, 2010

6 weeks and still going

I hit my 6 weeks the other day and was rewarded with real food! Oh how I missed some of it. The things I still can't eat are rice, lettuce, and corn. I shouldn't eat fried foods either or red meats, and refined sugar. I snuck a little chocolate treasure yesterday and didn't get "dumping syndrome" That is were sugar makes you very ill, instant cramping and flu-like symptons. Paul said it is because I can have 4grams of sugar. I enjoy "no sugar added" ice cream and sugar free pudding for my desserts.
I have been to a couple of restauraunts and to fast food. I got a grilled chicken sandwich at McDonald's and just ate 1/2 the meat, and a little bread. I have been to mexican and had my green chicken enchiladas and they lasted 4 meals, ooh they were so good. I am making turkey stroganoff this week so I can eat it too, I will let you know what the boys think of it.
I am at 192lbs, one side effect is constipation and this week the scale shows it.
I am still going to our W.O.W ladies weight loss group at the church, and I love it. It is so nice to have support during this process. Oh and my size 16 pants I got into (from 20) are getting loose! I am leaving on a 10 day vacation this week. A week at Fish Lake Utah for Paul's family reunion then 3 days in Vegas with Paul (meaning buffet). I am a bit nervous about eating around his family but I just have to get over it. Well that's all I have, enjoy your summer