Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 19th 2011 98lbs lost

Hello friends and family;
Im sorry I have not been keeping up on this blog. Often I think I will update it and then something comes up. As you can see I have lost 98 pounds since April. I wear size 10 pants and skirt and a medium or large top. Verry exciting. Of course the major draw back to this surgery for me is that I am ok to eat sugar. A serious problem! It should make me sick, like other gastric surgery patients. It doesn't. Of course I can still eat only a little bit, like 1/2 to 3/4 cup at a time, but really that is a lot! I weigh 138 now. Im sure I would be less it I didn't eat so much sugar, of course it was the holidays. I am going to try to empty the house again. And I am so rotten, I have not been going to the gym! Im just a bad example for this surgery! My under arms are getting so flabby. And my tummy skin is really starting to hang. I am tending a two year old all day and have 3 foster kids at night now, so it is hard to find a time to exercise. Funny so many of my friends have the same frustration. I could get up earlier, i will attempt this in the coming weeks. I do get plenty of water in, take one protein drink a day, should be two though. Need to do better on my vitamins, they now come in a powder that you mix with your bottle, it tastes like rasberry lemonade. I think I am eating just a bit too much, I must go back to measuring. Im being honest here so people know that I am a real person who is trying to do better. We have found that financially I will be able to do the tummy tuck. Oh yes all of my blood work came out good, I was very concerned because I miss the second protein drink and vitamins often. If you do the gastric sleeve I highly recommend it, just don't follow my example, you will do much better. hope I improve.


  1. If you can, don't be too hard on yourself. Overall, you are doing a remarkable job overcoming this surgery. All of these things that you mentioned are things to work on, yes, but that is the beauty of it - you can remedy them!
    I have discovered a way that I can get my vitamins and feel like I'm getting a little treat as well. I've used Gummy Vitamins - now, I have to keep them hidden and up high from the kids but it is helping me get my vitamins.
    Also, I think you are a size medium to small on the shirts and perhaps you are a size 8 pants. You are looking so nice!
    I am amazed that you have had the energy to take good care of all of those children. Please pat yourself on the back and know that you will improve. I'm here to help as you do for me each day. Thanks my friend! :)

  2. Thanks so much Julie you are such a great friend