Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sep 18 2010 Were Am I Now

I have finally made it to 164.4 pounds. I hit 70 lbs lost at 166. Very exciting. The only thing is I sat at 166 for more than a week. My regular doctor thinks 70lbs is the average one looses with the gastric sleeve surgery. I hope not. I think I would like to loose another 15-20lbs. I still have a tummy. I have started excising again, walking and callenetics, this should help a lot.

I'm still happy I had the surgery. It has helped a lot with my fybromyalgia and arthritis. Paul said we should be saving for a "tummy tuck." I saw a quote and it was over $4,000. I also saw the Care Credit covers it. That is a credit card that covers dental, vision, pets and other medical costs.

That is all for now, hope I keep up the exercise.

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